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Importance of Brand Protection-Masterclass

9 June at 6:00pm - 8:00pm - Keep Your Brand Safe
As you start a new business or an exisiting business evolves, your Intellectual Property (IP) needs will also evolve. This Zenith Street Masterclass, delivered by Nucleus IP, will give you a general overview of the various IP options available, how they interact and can add value to your business where adequate protection is in place. This class aims to give a simplified overview of what many perceive to be a very confusing area of law.

The New EU Trade Mark Reform Package

The new EU Trade Mark Regulation entered into force on 23 March 2016.  Please click the following links for more information on EU Reform and EU Scope of Protection.

Free Advice Clinics

Whether you are just starting in business or you are already established in your marketplace, you may not be fully aware of the importance of Trade Marks to your business success.

We have established a series of free clinics where one of our fully qualified attorneys will advise on all aspects of Trade Mark protection and infringement.

The clinics will be held the first Thursday of the month at our offices in St Bride Street between 4.30pm and 6.00pm.

For further details or to make an appointment please contact Joretta Price,

Beware of Trade Mark Scam

For further information please click here

Unrivalled experience

Nucleus IP is one of the few specialist firms of Registered Trade Mark Attorneys. Formerly known as Trade Mark Owners Association, we were founded in 1886 and have been looking after our clients’ intellectual property rights throughout the world for 130 years.

Whether acting for multi-national corporations with worldwide portfolios or small sole traders with just one Trade Mark, Nucleus IP has always been committed to providing focussed, innovative and practical advice to our clients to ensure they obtain the most secure protection for their brands, designs and copyright that their budgets permit.