1. Statement of Intent

The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide you, (the “User”), with details of how Nucleus IP Limited, 10 St. Bride Street, London, EC4A 4AD ("Nucleus IP”) will collect and use the information you supply to it, including where applicable any personal data. This privacy policy is expressly incorporated into the Terms and Conditions of use of this web site.

Please read this privacy policy carefully. It is the stated policy of Nucleus IP that it will act in accordance with current legislation and aims to meet current best practice with regard to the processing of personal data. Nucleus IP is registered as a data controller in the United Kingdom under the Data Protection Act 1998.

2. Collection of Data

In using the Web Site, or in the course of your relationship with Nucleus IP, you may provide certain data to Nucleus IP, including personal data. This will be submitted by you when you register to receive our email newsletter or otherwise submit your information on the website or by other means such as post, fax or telephone. The information collected may include your email address, business name, address, telephone and fax numbers, home address, telephone, fax and mobile phone numbers. When you provide information about another person, they must have appointed you to act for them and to receive any data protection notices for them.

In agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the web site (of which this privacy policy forms part), you agree that Nucleus IP can compile and process your data in accordance with this privacy policy.

3. Use of Personal Data

Nucleus IP will only use your personal data to help it provide its goods and services to you, and to allow us and any successor in title to our business to bring you details of products, publications and events and general information which we feel will be of interest to you. Such contact may be by post, email, telephone and fax where you have provided these details to us.

By agreeing to this policy, you request that Nucleus IP use your data for such purposes. Nucleus IP will not under any circumstances sell or otherwise provide your personal data to any other companies or organisations without your consent.

4. Storage and Correction of Personal Data

Nucleus IP will retain the data it holds concerning you for as long as it is current, unless you inform Nucleus IP that you no longer wish it to retain this data.

If you are an individual, Nucleus IP is obliged to supply you, on request, with a copy of the personal data it holds about you (if any), provided that you pay a small fee.

Should you wish Nucleus IP to cease using your data as set out in this policy or would like a copy of the data that Nucleus IP holds about you, please email us on

Should you discover any inaccuracies in such personal information, please notify Nucleus IP as soon as possible at the same address. Nucleus IP will then correct its records, and notify any third parties to whom such personal information may have been transmitted in accordance with paragraph 3 above.

5. Cookies and Web Beacons

To ensure that our Website is well managed and to maintain our process of continuous improvement of the site, we may use cookies (small text files stored in a user’s browser) or web beacons (electronic images which allow our analytics software to count visitors who have accessed a particular page and to access certain cookies) to collect aggregate data.

We may use such devices to track information on our systems using Google Analytics or other software to identify categories of visitors by items such as IP address, domain, mobile device, browser type and pages visited. This information is used to analyse the number of visitors to different areas of the site and to make sure that our Website is serving as a useful, effective information source for the majority of users.

Neither cookies nor web beacons collect personal information such as your name or email address. Cookies can be rejected by changing your preferenecs in your web browser, however, this may compromise visitors’ browsing experience as you may be denied access to some areas of our site if your browser rejects cookies.