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Trade mark watching services

Your Trade Mark Registrations are valuable assets. Having invested in creating or acquiring these assets, it clearly makes sense to ensure they are not threatened by the activities of others.

Not so long ago, trade mark examiners in most countries carried out “relative” searches whereby any new applications were examined to ensure that they did not conflict with earlier applications or registrations for the same or similar marks for the same or similar goods. However, a significant number of countries, including the UK, have stopped objecting to new applications on the grounds of there existing identical or similar prior rights.

This has clearly transferred the responsibility for trade mark watching to brand owners who need to ensure they have a system in place to warn of any potential conflicting applications.

We look through the journals on your behalf, using specialist search techniques and computer programmes searching not only for identical marks but also similar marks where the goods or services for which registration is sought are those covered by, or similar to, those covered by your registration. We then inform you by e-mail of any applications which could be of concern to you. If you are concerned about any of these applications or wish to file an opposition we will be happy to advise you and handle this on your behalf.

Nucleus IP is able to devise a watching strategy to suit every clients’ needs. This can cover any individual Countries, Continents, European Union or Worldwide. We can watch solely in relation to the goods or services of interest to your business, or in relation to other specified goods and services as required.

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