availability searching

Trade mark availability searching

Launching a product without checking the brand name's Trade Mark availability can be an expensive mistake.

A registered Trade Mark gives you a monopoly right on that particular brand in specified classes and geographies. To qualify for registration a Trade Mark must be distinctive and cannot be descriptive of the goods or services.

We can provide a realistic assessment on whether your proposed brand would qualify for registration. If we do not think your mark is registrable we will tell you why and make suggestions as to how you might make it more distinctive.

Trade Mark rights are generally acquired on a first come first served basis. It is, therefore, important to conduct Trade Mark searches to assess the risks of infringing someone else’s rights.

We advise you on where and what to search, arrange for searches to be conducted and provide commercial and practical advice following the results of the search and on the extent to which you will be free to use and register the brand.

In some cases we will recommend that you do not file or use your Trade Mark and will advise you on the risks involved so you can make an informed decision. We can also advise you with regard to the choice of an alternative which will satisfy all the requirements for registration and still provide the desired image for your product or service.

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