03 October 2011

Glee is not Funny

The founder of a comedy club based in Birmingham has accused the popular American television series Glee of stealing his venue's name.

Mark Tughan, who launched the city's Glee Club in 1994, is suing 20th Century Fox for trademark infringement.

His trade mark for "The Glee Club" was registered in the UK in 2001, many years before the pilot episode of Glee aired in the UK. Tughan alleges that the successful show is damaging his brand which has resulted in his two new branches in Nottingham and Oxford underperforming. He said that the target audience of his comedy clubs are being put off by the link with the TV show. He also claims that the typeface used by Fox is similar to the one used by his clubs and wants the matter resolved in the courts as the association with the show in the minds of the public is inflicting damage to his business.

Who will have the last laugh? Watch this space.

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