23 April 2015

All Official Fees Set to Double in UAE

The government of the United Arab Emirates has announced a substantial increase in Official Fees on all Trade Mark Matters.

Trade Mark official fees in the UAE are already possibly the highest of any national Trade Mark Office and these are now about to double from approximately £1,200 to £2,400*. These fees are in addition to charges involved in the legalisation of the required Power of Attorney and local Trade Mark agent fees.

The fee increase will be effective from 29 May 2015 and will apply to all new applications and any fees falling due for existing applications. Accordingly, for an existing Trade Mark application which has already been filed, a registration fee of approximately £1,000* will apply if paid prior to 29 May, whereas a fee of approximately £2,000* will apply if paid after 29 May.

Therefore, if you are considering applying for Trade Mark protection in the UAE, it would be prudent to initiate this prior to 29 May, to take advantage of the lower existing application fee.

Please contact your Nucleus IP attorney if you have any queries in connection with this issue.

*All costs are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

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