Trade Mark Owners' Association

The Trade Mark Owners Association was founded on December 3rd 1886. In 2005, TMOA was acquired by Nucleus, the international brand + digital agency, and subsequently changed its name to Nucleus IP.

Nucleus IP can therefore trace its roots back 130 years and the very early days of Trade Mark registration, when a number of the most influential Companies of the day formed the Trade Mark Owners Mutual Protection Association Limited. The objects of the Association were to register and protect Trade Marks and to promote new Legislation in respect of Trade Marks. In 1905 the Company changed its name to Trade Mark Owners Association Limited, generally abbreviated to TMOA, by which it became known, worldwide.

Throughout its history, TMOA was always willing to accept instructions from clients who were not members of the association. However, it was found that the name TMOA, could cause confusion amongst potential clients and overseas associates, many of whom believed the business was a “closed shop” and our services were only available to TMOA members. In light of this, the Board of TMOA decided in 2003 to transfer the activities of TMOA to a new subsidiary company and HallMark IP Limited was formed. In 2005, TMOA and its HallMark IP Limited subsidiary became part of the Nucleus Group and in 2013 the HallMark IP name was changed to Nucleus IP Limited to reflect the closer integration of the core group businesses.

Carrying on the traditions of TMOA, Nucleus IP continues to provide its clients with a high quality, cost effective, Intellectual Property protection service throughout the World  and is now able to offer clients a cradle to grave Brand IP service calling on the wider IP experience and skills available through the enlarged group.


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